Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Review

Another week, another Sunday blog post.
I am writing this week’s weekly review from work. It is 4:16am and there is a white, vanilla slab cake beckoning to me from the kitchen. The cake is huge and so sweet. I had more than I should have, but still not over my calories for the day. Thank goodness! However, I think I had too much cake and now my tummy is funny.
Cake = Evil
This week I suffered through overnight shifts. I don’t mind them really, but feel very unmotivated when I wake up at 2pm. I hit the gym only once this week but it was a great workout- I talked earlier this week about running a 12 minute mile on the treadmill. I also did the arc trainer and some strength. Since I wasn’t feeling the gym this week, I really utilized my elliptical doing (3) 30 minute sessions. I also logged 4 and a half hour of walking time.
I seem to be saying this every week but, I want to run outside so badly! However, I do not have the gear and the weather is not very nice in Canada at this time of year. It is warming up, but it still very cold! There is also a lot of ice on the sidewalks and trails.
Eating went well this week. So far I am over my calories 1/6 days with Sunday left to track. I picked up a few new low-cal cookbooks from the library and thought it might be fun to try something new- so heads up for that!
Weigh-in did not reach this week’s goal, but the day before W.I. the scale was saying 202.8 lbs. It is only a matter of time.

As for "Blogging for a Cause- Japan"- I gained 2 new followers this week, that means I will be donating $12 to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Relief Fund. It's not much, but every little bit counts at this point!

This Week’s Goals:
  1. Try a new low-cal recipe
  2. Nose to the grindstone week for exercise- get to the gym for 3 workouts and keep up with the elliptical
  3. Hit 199.9 lbs on the scale at some point this week- Friday or before. Lofty dream? I hope not!
Happy Week Ahead To You ALL!

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  1. I didn't know you did nights too! I get that hard to get going feeling when you wake, I usually wake at about 4:00pm and need to leave for the next shift at 5.00pm and I want to do NOTHING. Do you find wanting to snack in the early hours hard too? I've been fighting this feeling but its still hard.
    Hitting 199.9 this week....woweeeee....WOW, thats going to feel FANTASTIC...can't wait to cheer about it