Friday, July 29, 2011

Weigh-In #25

Previous Weight: 199.4
Current Weight: 197
Difference: -2.4 lbs

Finally a loss! I've been waiting several weeks to see this! Let's hope I can stay motivated and keep it up since a long weekend is coming up and that means a lot of BBQs and beer.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

EDIT- did anyone notice I put -1.4 originally? Wow- this is much better!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Experiences- Kayaking

On Tuesday night, the Mister and I decided to take advantage of a new local summer program in our city. We went out to the nature reserve and went kayaking.

Now, I have never been kayaking before and I am not a great swimmer. So, I have been skeptical about the whole thing. I always thought that it was super easy to tip over and be upside down in a boat in the water. Nightmare! Mister has been out a few times and really loves it. So, I thought- let's do it! Conquer a fear. Try something new.


...I loved it!

I know in the past, let's say 2 years ago, I would never have gone. I would have made every excuse in the book not to go. But, as I have become more athletic and confident in my skills in the exercise department- I am willing to try a lot more things. I think that is one of the greatest things about getting fit and healthy.

I am not totally sure of the calorie burn for kayaking. But it is a decent workout. It's not running, but it is along the same lines of biking at least- just in the upper body department.

I encourage people to try sometime new. You never know! You might find your new passion. I will definitely be going out on the water again sometime soon!

What new exercise have you tried lately?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weigh-In & Weekly Review

I'm testing something out.

I'm thinking of amalgamating my weigh-in and weekly review into one post. I have a feeling that my new job is going to keep me very busy, so I may not always be on time with posting my regular installments. In a way, I like this idea. But, I also enjoy posting on this blog and connecting with all you wonderful people. More posts= more chances to connect. We shall see how it all pans out.

Anyway, on to the weigh-in!

Previous Weight: 199.4lbs
Current Weight: 199.4
Difference: 0 lbs

Well, no loss, but no gain. A maintain.

I've noticed a few posts this week from at least a couple ladies regarding the loss of motivation- Need to Get ME Back talked about losing her gung-ho. Lisa at Challenge Accepted also spoke about exercise losing its' shiny appeal. For the past several months I have really been slacking on weight-loss. I totally relate to these women and what they are experiencing. For me, I really hit a mental wall. I got under that 200 point and (mentally) I thought, that will do for now. But, it won't really just do. I am not where I want to be and I am not on the schedule I want to be on. My New Year's Resolution for the past 10 years has been to lose weight. I really meant it this year. I want to lose 50+ lbs by the end of the year. I have 30 left to lose.

So why have I stalled? Am I afraid to succeed? If I lose the weight, I finally have nothing to blame for holding me back from life? I just don't know. I keep setting goals and only halfway achieving them each week. They are not unattainable goals, but sometimes they seem so far off from where I am.

I'm trying, but sometimes my mind just defeats me.

Anyway, enough of the pity party organized by derailed thought. Haha!

This week it was so hot. But, I managed to walk for 45 minutes every week day. Yesterday, I got out for a run in the early afternoon since it really cooled off. I ran 2.5K (about 1.5 miles). I'm running between 10 and 12 minute miles. I'm using NIKE+ with GPS on my iPhone and I'm not sure how accurate it is. At first it said I was running 8 minute miles, but I know that is not right! haha. Running felt good. Ran the whole thing without stopping, hoping to go a bit longer next time.

I also did yoga at home and am trying to coax my partner into it. He is thinking about it.

Last Week's Goals
1) Loss- No. A maintain. I'll get there.
2) Yoga 2x, run 1x, walking- YES!!!
3) Track and Limit- Yes! -

Next Week's Goals
1) Get back on the Elliptical!
2) Yoga 1x, Run 1x, Strength 2x
3) Track and Limit to under 1600

Hope all you good people have a good week. Be kind to each other!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Review

Ok. So, it's Monday. But it is also review time!

I have been pretty beat from this hot weather we have been having. It is getting between 35 or 40 C with the humidity. That's between 95 and 104 F. Bleh! So sweaty.

This week was mostly good for me and my plan. I had a couple off days. But generally I am happy with the way I turned it around this week. Eating was good- still needs work, but good.

Exercise lacked but it is also getting back there. I got out to run and did a lot of walking too.

I started a new job today and I am very excited and anxious about it. It is a lot of responsibility (the most I've ever had) and it is actually something I could see myself doing for awhile and actually enjoying it. I am pretty intimidated by it all though. I'm trying to be positive about it though.

Last Week's Goals
1) Loss- nope
2) Easing back into exercise- yep! And a 2K run to boot!
3) Tracking Calories- Check (5/7 days)

Next Week's Goals
1) Loss (please?)
2) Yoga 2x, run 1x, walks
3) Tracking calories and limiting intake to 1500-1600

Good Luck to me and all of you!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Weigh-In #25

Previous Weight: 199
Current Weight: 199.4
Difference: +0.4lbs

I guess it takes a while for your body to get back in the swing of things. I expected a loss, but a gain of 0.4 is not much of a gain. I know that I am doing all the right things at the moment and it will only get better from here on out.

I'll tell you all about this week and how I got back on track on Sunday. But right now, I want to share with you how to eat pasta while on a diet.

Once and a while I get a craving for some heavy carbs. I love cooking pasta because it is so easy and always looks like you spent a lot of time on it. I tend to use a bottled marinara sauce and add all my own veggies (onions, garlic, basil, zucchini, bell peppers, etc) and spices to it. By bulking up the sauce with veggies I don't need to add meat to it- shaving off a considerable amount of calories.

While watching my calories, I measure out my pasta carefully with one of these below. It's a pasta measure- giving you the sizes of 1-4 servings. This is for long pastas like spaghetti, fettuccine, linguine, etc. For other types of pastas I use a scale. Pasta is so calorie dense, you really need to watch your serving size. The servings at Olive Garden are enough to feed 2 people. That's why you always have leftovers for the next day.

Another trick I use- make enough servings for the amount of people dining. It is usually just me and my Mister- so I make 2. No leftovers or going back for seconds.

Here is a dish I made myself the other day when I was dying for a little gnocchi.

There is about 1/4 cup of marinara with 2 TBSP of light ricotta for the sauce, 1/2 cup of gnocchi, mozzarella on top and some basil. For a grand total of....

270 calories!

Pretty good. Add a big side salad and you meal is filling and complete. I was totally satisfied.

Eating low calorie or low points doesn't mean that you have to eat bland food. You just have to get yourself into the kitchen and get creative.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Bringing Running Back. Yeah!

I haven't gone out for a run in a long time. I was running regularly before I canceled my gym membership and moved in with Mister. Of course, I have been super busy watching all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother... but still. I have not made time for running.

I planned it all out last night. I laid out my work out clothes and set the alarm for 7am....

That's the sound my phone makes- not overly intrusive.

So, I rolled out of bed. Drank a glass of water. Got dressed and headed out to the road.

I figured I would be super out of shape. I expected to run a block or 2 then walk a block and continue this way for my anticipated route.

Well... good news! I ran my whole route! I shocked myself. Granted, it was only 2K. But I haven't run in about 2 months. I was so proud of myself.

Here is my route.

Hopefully, this week is the boost I need to get back on track. So far the week is going splendidly! I'll update you on Sunday as usual!

Have a wonderful hump day!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Trip to the Farmer's Market

I got out the the local, big farmer's market this past weekend for the first time this summer. It is about a 25 minute drive from my house, but it is worth it. It will be even more worth it next month when everything is in season.

I like shopping for produce at the Farmer's Market because it is fresh from the farm. Some veggies still even have dirt on them. There is a huge variety and a sense of helping the local farmer.

I started the day off with some fuel- PB on toast and some coffee to go!

Summer tunes are essential to the drive.

I got to the market around 8am. Still a little drowsy.

The market wasn't too busy at this time. It was nice and easy to maneuver.

I was done all my shopping by...
Then I headed home to show off my loot!

The loot includes:
-a dozen free range, vegetarian diet eggs
-3 Zucchini/summer squash/courgettes (call them what you will!)
-a bunch of Asparagus
-a bunch of Kale

I can't wait until there are plenty of string beans, tomatoes, beets, cucumbers, melons, etc. August is a great month for the farms and gardens.

What is your favorite summer fruit/veggie?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Review

Good Evening... or Good Morning, because most will be reading this entry tomorrow!

I had 5 days off this week, so I planned to do some fun things and get some house chores done. I did a good job balancing my time between things I wanted to do, and things I had to do. If only I could balance my eating that easily!

Anyway, eating wasn't very good this week. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. I try so hard and have such good intentions on Monday. But, by Tuesday I am eating loads of junk. My willpower is nonexistent these days.

I managed to ease myself back into exercise this week- very slowly... but I'm getting back to it. Doing a lot of walking and some elliptical. Hoping to integrate some yoga and strength in this week.

Let's look at the goals for this week:

1) A Loss- nope, a gain.
2) Various exercise 3x- done! I went for 3 walks and used the elliptical for 30 minutes.
3) Eat at Home- done mostly. My mom took me out one day- of course for fast food- she loves fast food! However, I ordered a salad on the side and a Coke Zero. Overall, not a terribly high calorie meal- about 500 or so.

Next Week's Goals:
1) A Loss- please God let there be a loss!
2) Continue to ease back into regular exercise- maybe a run/walk one morning before it gets hot out.
3) Ease back into tracking calories and limiting intake

You will notice that I said "ease" a lot in this entry. I'm starting to think that maybe I can't go all or nothing. I have to gradually remove things from my diet or replace them with healthy alternatives.

Slow and steady wins the race!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Weigh-In #24

Previous Weight: 198
Current Weight: 199
Difference = +1 lbs


That is all.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Grocery Haul

I love grocery shopping. I like to go to all different kinds of shops to purchase what I need. I frequent supermarkets, box stores, specialty grocers, organic markets, farms, and farmers markets. I like to scope out new products and good prices. So, it is no wonder that I really enjoy reading/watching grocery hauls on YouTube and on blogs I follow.

Here is a small haul from yesterday.

First, I went strawberry picking at a local U-Pick Farm. I got 4 Litres of berries. That's about a gallon. They are small and beautifully red. They are oh so sweet. I love fresh berries off the bush!

I went to a couple stores (Costco & Walmart) for these items:
20 small bags of Food Should Taste Good Chips- Multigrain and Sweet Potato
1 Orange
1 Apple
A can of Lemon Pepper Tuna
1 Cucumber
Three Grain Loaf- really dense bread
Mini Gnocchi

Then I scored at the local library. They were having an old book/magazine sale- I picked u 5 Cooking Light mags for 50 cents each.

My Mister and I play 2 games at the grocery store check out. 1) We set up all our items on the conveyor belt and decide if we look healthy or unhealthy. A lot of box food = unhealthy. Veggies/Fruits and fresh meats = healthy. 2) We both guesstimate how much the bill will be. Winner gets nothing but bragging rights. haha.

Do you like grocery shopping? Or do you have to make it fun? 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day in the life of my plate...

What did you guys/gals have for breakfast/lunch/dinner today?

Coffee in my new mug!
Green Monster
Toast with Margarine

Hummus, AkMak crackers and Carrot Sticks
Snack for the Walk Home
Gelati. It was so hot out on my long walk!

Sole with Herbs, salad, carrots, and sauteed mushrooms

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly review

Hello hello! I am back again for the review. I've been trying to use my Iphone Blogpress app, but it keeps telling me it can't publish! Makes me so mad!

Last week I went a little out of sorts and didn't set any goals an didn't talk about previous goals. So let's get back into it!

Last week went as well as any week has lately I suppose.

It was Canada Day on Friday, but I elected to stay in as I went out the night before and had a few drinks. I usually limit myself to one night every other week to have some drinks with friends and choose low cal options.

I hoped back on the elliptical this week. I did 30 minutes on Friday and worked up a sweat. I'm hoping I can keep it up.

On Saturday I hit the beach for the first time in over a year. I tried on my swimsuit the night before to see how it fit. The top is kind of baggy in the mid-section, but other than that it fits fine and I feel a lot better in a suit now than a couple years ago. We didn't swim- just laid out and tanned. I'm the only one who didn't get an awful burn. Silly girls.

Here's a bad pic of me tanning!

The part I'm the most insecure about in a suit are my legs. They are ghostly white and my upper thighs are just all around big and a bit dimply. I am getting more comfortable in shorts, but booty shorts in public are something else. Just something I need to work on- confidence and cardio! I've been thinking of tanning in a booth, but I am just not sure. I feel like it is such a waste of time for me. Getting ready, driving to the salon, changing, putting lotion on... all to lay in the bed for 2 minutes and then go home.

Anyway, I noticed something on the beach. No one has a totally perfect body. Even the skinniest girls have some cellulite- I checked! Some people just carry themselves with more self esteem than others and it really shows. Some women are my size and in bikinis- more power to them!

But I was feeling pretty good at the end of the day! Must have been all the Vitamin D.

Anyway, let's set some realistic goals for this week. It will boost my self esteem.

1) a loss on the scale
2) various exercise 3x this week
3) meals made at home

 Do any of you tan in a tanning bed? Would you reccommend it to me?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Weigh-In #23

Previous Weight: 200.6
Current Weight: 198
Difference: -2.6

Hurray! I am down to my pre-vacation weight! That's a relief! Now I just need to get back into the swing of exercising regularly.

My Mister is off visiting his parents several provinces away. They run a mountain lodge and it is peak season out there, so they asked him to come lend a hand. In a way, it will be good for me to be alone. There will be no ordering in food, lots of veggies in the fridge, I can exercise whenever I want without worrying that I am being loud, etc. I hope I can get my butt in gear!

Now this is scary...

I am going to the beach tomorrow! EEK! More to come on this in the Weekly Review- stay tuned!

And I wanted to share a meal with you. This is a piece of sole that I baked in the toaster oven (yes it can be done!) with some margarine, salt and pepper, and some herbs from my garden (parsley and chives). I also had a salad with butter lettuce and lolla rose lettuce on the side with balsamic dressing. The whole meal was only maybe 200 calories. A nice light lunch.