Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekly Review

I had a pretty great week all around- exercise, food, a loss on the scale.

I headed to the gym this week to finish up Week 8 of Couch to 5K. Week 8 is running for 28 minutes, no walking. I tackled the second installment of Week 8 on Monday after work. I started off strong at 5.0 and lasted for about 13 minutes. However, it was all down hill from there. I continued at a reduced speed of around 4.8 but ended up giving up with 5 minutes to go of the 28. I felt so defeated. I did it once, why not this time? Did I start off too fast? Was it because my knee was bothering me? Am I just too tired after a full work day? I went home and decided to try again on Wednesday. I entered the gym feeling very intimidated, but when I stepped on the treadmill I followed through undefeated! I went the full 28 minutes running between 4.9 and 5.2 with a sprint to the finish line at 5.5 for a full minute. I was on top of the world! I decided to redo the installment that I couldn't finish earlier in the week. I was overjoyed when I kicked its butt again!

I also managed to do some at home elliptical this week like I promised myself last week. Also did some snowshoeing, ice skating, and walking.

I'm happy to report that my food was much better this week. Lots of fresh fruit, salads, and soups. However, I had an intense craving for either pizza or a burger tonight. I was so close to ordering in, but I didn't. I made myself an imitation- a pita pizza. Basically, a pita with sauce, cheese, ham, and mushrooms all cooked up in oven. It was delicious and really hit the spot that was longing to be filled with pizza. I am happy I didn't give in this time around.

This week, I will be completing or being close to completing the last week of Couch to 5K. Week 9 involves running for 30 minutes straight. It's only an extra 2 minutes from last week, but I could really feel the pain at minute 26. Still intimidated.

Hope everyone has a productive week!

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  1. 've nominated you for an award - hope you don't mind. Reference to it is on my blog - its because I really enjoy your blog - Thanks