Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Non Scale Victory

I have great news!

I was at the gym this evening and I began a new running routine. I want to work on running faster- I'm running between 4.8 mph and 5 mph. My goal right now is to run a 10 minute mile. I know that goal is far off right now, but I am trying to develop a plan to get me there.

So, I decided to just run a mile today and see how far off I am.

I had a great 1 mile run. It felt so much different to just run for the sake of running and not worry about sticking to a schedule for a strict amount of time. I had my music playing and I was just running! I felt amazing.

I had no idea what time my mile would be- I did it in 12 minutes. Not bad, not super fast, but that's why I am training for speed. I'm happy I can run a mile+  because a few months ago I couldn't. I'm also excited because I am starting to really enjoy it. Today showed me how invigorating this exercise can be. It's very naked. Just you and the road/trail. Can't wait to take these legs outside!


  1. That really is a victory! Congratulations & keep it up.

  2. You're doing so well..its brilliant.
    Your blog design is my absolute favourite..I love it!