Sunday, September 25, 2011

Grocery Haul

Good Afternoon ALL!

So far, I am enjoying the Weight Watchers program. It is hard to get used to counting points instead of calories, but I am learning. Having the website and the iPhone app really makes a difference for me.

My fridge was looking mighty bare, so I went grocery shopping this morning.

I rode my bike about 15 minutes to the store and another 15 back home. It is a little windy here today, so it definitely got my heart rate up!

Here's what I ended up with today... (the pictures aren't great)


Egg Whites
Low Fat Sour Cream
Fat Free Strawberry Greek Yogurt
Fat Free Plain Yogurt
(5) Green Giant Simply Steamers (these are so good and all veggies)

Crimini Mushrooms (in the brown bag)
an Orange
an Apple
and Garlic

Yum, lots of healthy food for me this week!

Friday, September 23, 2011


Previous Weight: 198.8 (about 3 weeks ago)
Current Weight: 192
Loss = 6.8lbs

HURRAY!!!! That is my lowest number yet! I'm not sure how this happened...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Plan

Well, I did it.

I joined Weight Watchers Online to re-kickstart my weight loss. I joined 2 days ago and I must admit, it has been difficult to adjust from counting calories to counting points. I'm getting the hang of it slowly, but could use any advice people are willing to give me!

I have a weigh-in tomorrow, if things continue the way they have been this week- it should be a good one.

Wish me luck on this new plan!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am contemplating re-joining the gym...

I know... I hemmed and hawed about stopping my membership in previous posts and ultimately decided to discontinue it. I thought that my home gym was enough and running outside would be more inspiring. However, it has not been the motivation I need to keep me going. Maybe I need that $50 coming out of my account every month to get me going.

I'm going to give my home gym one last valiant effort to get me back on the weight loss train. Then, if I still can't get myself moving. I will look into gyms.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Farm Trip

There is a program at my office whose mandate is to provide people in the inner city with low cost, local, organic vegetables. How can that be? Low cost and Organic- those words don't usually go together!

Well, the program organizes farm trips every Friday and you basically work for food. People get paid in "sweat points" which are like money and you can use them for our market, community dinners, or boxes of produce in the winter.

I am a member of the program, so I went out on Friday to the farm. We helped the farmers harvest beets, carrots and pumpkins. The group is also provided with a healthy lunch and some veggies and free run eggs to take home. It is an amazing program that helps promote food security and teaches people where their food comes from. It also supports eating local and supporting organic farmers.

This program is amazing! Here are some pictures from my visit. Hauling pumpkins was a workout and I could feel it in my muscles in the evening!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I Live!

Just wanted to drop a line to let all you lovelies know that I have not fallen off the wagon and gained back all 22lbs I lost! I'm trying to keep up with all of you. Life is starting to slow down in some ways and speeding up in others.

I think about this blog everyday and want to get back to writing and being serious about continuing to lose weight and be healthier. I really enjoy reading other blogs and journeys. I love interacting with all you people too.

I have been staying active. Not as much as I would like, but still out and about. I tried a few new things... golf!

And intense ocean hiking! Phew- climbing ocean rocks is rough work! Especially with a giant backpack. 

I hadn't stepped on the scale in a long time- probably over a month. I was nervous about how much I may have gained in the month of avoiding the scale and not counting calories. I was estimating the scale would read 205. When I finally stepped on this week it said 198.8! Happy to still be in the 100s. Basically I have been maintaining in the time away from blogging.

I have been giving some thought to a new plan. Maybe WeightWatchers? I still have some thinking to do.

Hope all is well in the blogging world. Be good to yourself and each other! Hope to write again soon.