Friday, April 1, 2011

Weigh-In #11

Weight: 202.2 lbs
Body Fat %: 40.3
Hydration %: 43.6

Difference: -1.4 from last week
                 -0% Body Fat from last week

Total: -16.2 lbs
          - < 1.2% body fat

Well, I didn't hit my March goal of 199.9 lbs. It is kind of disappointing, but also expected. I lost my focus this month. My workouts were slack or missing. My eating was not good!

Something to be happy about though- this is the lowest weight I remember being in a long time. I usually hit 203 and start to slowly creep back up. I'm excited that I have not yet become bored with this whole lifestyle change yet. If anything, I have a renewed sense of accomplishment and determination.

I'm heading out to lunch with a friend today. We are going to a restaurant called Kelsey's. It is a chain, so that means they have a website, which means I can plan my meal ahead of time. I've decided on a salad with grilled chicken, dressing on the side. It also comes with a lot of high calorie nuts, seeds, and dried fruit- so I may order it without some of those too.

For the weekend, I will leave you with these words. I think they are important to remember in our battle. 

Have a wondrous weekend!


  1. I hear ya on the not meeting your goal thing. My month went the same as yours. But I am also the lowest I've been in a long time so I'm just going to focus on that too. And congrats on the loss this week! Here's to a good April!

  2. Just keep on the steady losses and the scales will show week by week, you're losing it. Keeping UP the motivation will keep down the weight..You're doing great