Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cardio Playlist

Exercise is not as much fun without music. Without music you have to listen to the thoughts in your head, if you can hear them over your own panting. You also have to listen to yourself thinking, "this is hard" and "I can't do this" or "maybe I will stop". Music provides you with a buffer to those thoughts. It tricks your brain into continuing when you are spent. The right song can push you when you are losing energy. Music while exercising gives me confidence to push myself. It distracts from that pain in your side or the sweat running down your back. Good music makes exercise great!

I thought I would post my Cardio Playlist. Here it is:

I love poppy, dance songs- recently added the new Britney Spears album and it is great to exercise to. I also like to toss some rock songs in there too. Some songs really get me going (or keep me going) and I seek them out when I am running out of gas.

Do you agree with me about  music and exercise? What's on your playlist?


  1. I do TV and exercise! ;-)

    But I have an ipod that hasn't been used in a year because I'm too cheap to buy a charger for it! I know, I know...

    In my defense, it's been on the top of my birthday and xmas lists for years now, and no dice. lol

    I do think that if I were ever to run or walk outdoors alone, music would be amazing to have! Now to just convince myself to buy that charger...

  2. With an embarrased sigh...Classic rock and some heavy metal (the metal is a secret I keep from my peers--smile.)

  3. I definitely agree that music helps. I used it all the time when I was walking & will once I start in the next week or so. I have gotten into the habit of reading while riding the exercise bike lately, so I haven't been listening. But when I really want to push myself, I put the ear buds in and turn up the volume. I did a post a while back with my play list.

  4. I love the Femme Fatal Album to workout! Great Dance Music! Also I love lyrics as well as the melody to Dogs Days Are Over.