Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Doctor Visit

I mentioned in my last Weekly Review that I was headed to see the doctor this week for a few different issues- thyroid concerns, anxiety issues, and a yearly test below the belt.

Well, I went on Wednesday morning. I was nervous- as usual. The nurse led me to the little room and as I took off my coat she says to me "ok, take off your shoes and we will take your height and weight." I was confused, "why do you need my height and weight for a pap?" Then she explains that I am booked in for a physical. So, I just went ahead with the physical as I can't even remember when I last had one.

The nurse took me out to the scale in the hallway. I began to get a little anxiety about another person knowing my weight. I didn't want to step on the scale, but I had to. She was waiting for me. Off came the shoes and I stepped on. I took a little bit of solace knowing that I was not as heavy as I was 4 months ago. I could be a little less embarrassed. Then the height. Then I was back sitting in the little room waiting for the doctor.

Besides having all the poking and prodding done,  I got a chance to voice my concerns about my slow weight loss to her. I told her I felt like with the amount of exercise and the change in my eating habits, the weight should be coming off a little quicker. She assured me that I was doing really well and congratulated me on taking the first steps and sticking with it. As for the slow losses, she said, "but it took you years to put it on." Which is true. She told me it would come, but sent me for some blood work to make sure there was no problems inhibiting the work I was doing.

Somehow, having a doctor cheer you on is very validating. My doctor is proud of me. Even I am proud of me! I'm the lowest weight I have been in a very long time since I started weighing myself again. That is so cool to think about.

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  1. That is sooo cool. How fantastic must it be to know how far you have come...even your doctor thinks you are doing brilliantly.
    Just keep on doing what you're doing..its working