Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Review

"Sunday morning rain is falling,
Steal some covers share some skin..."

Good Morning All!

It is Sunday again. The weeks go by so quickly, don't they?

I do not have much to report for this week. Oh well.

I do want to report that I weighted in at 197 lbs this morning! Told ya Saturdays are my skinny days!

My week was hectic. I had a professional development course that took up a lot of my time. Work, catching up on sleep, and out with friends. I didn't get to the gym. I only did my elliptical once for 30 mins. However, I logged 6 hours of walking time so far this week. That is a lot more than I usually do.

With not exercising much this week, I really needed to watch my calories. I went over my calorie budget twice- which is average for me.

I read an article this week in an old issue of SELF magazine that said something about average weight loss. One to one and a half pounds is normal, but 2 is also do-able. The article said to reach the 2 lbs a week, you need to tweak your diet even more than you already have. It suggested a non-processed diet. I have thought about doing this before and it think it would be do-able for me since I like to cook and grocery shop. I have decided to try it at least for a short amount of time. I am on a mission to rid my freezer and cupboards of processed food. I'll let you all know when it officially starts.

I've been dealing with some extreme emotions and scary, life changing decisions this week. I'm having some issues with anxiety surrounding it all. My heart races, I get scared and confused, and even shake a bit as I think about the consequences of the wrong decision. It is really overwhelming. But in the past I probably would have eaten to overcome these feelings. Now, I am exploring other options. Going to see the Doc this week. See what she says about that and the thyroid thing.

Goals for Next Week
1) Track everyday, do not consume all calories burned in exercise
2) Get to gym at least once (may be difficult as I have another hectic week)
3) Do something for self-care. Something just for me not related to weight-loss and not food related


  1. I LOVE that song!!! Sounds like you are in a very happy mood this morning! Good luck with your goals this week!

  2. A friend I work with has an overactive thyroid and it causes aniety like heart beat, feeling anxious and 'fluttery'
    Good idea to get checked out.
    Great numbers on the weight loss...well done you!!!!

  3. Hi Lizzy,
    I love that song . .Maroon 5 right ? .. lol
    Anyway, I'm on the same journey you're on. Trying to get those pounds down.
    Wishing you the best of luck.
    Luv, Nik

  4. Congratulations on the great weigh in! You have great goals for the week! I hope this week goes well, busy as it may be. Blessings, Debbie

  5. Love the song!

    Come and join me on my journey.

  6. Hi, I just "followed" you, and am looking forward to reading about your continued success! I love your #3 - do something for yourself that isn't weightloss/food related. Losing weight can be all encompassing, so great to care for yourself in other ways.