Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Review

Well, Sunday has come and gone and I am late with my review again!

Here I am, nonetheless...

I had a busy, yet unproductive week. I worked a lot- mostly overnights and evenings. So I did not get much accomplished. No visits to the gym, no elliptical at home. Just my usual walking to and from work and about town. Bad Lizzy!

I took some strides toward my transition into non-processed eating. I went grocery shopping and only bought 1 processed item- a box of stuffing for Easter dinner. I love Stovetop Stuffing! However, I have made my own and it is also quite good. So, I can live without Stovetop. At the grocery store, I hemmed and hawwed over cheese. In Canada, cheese is expensive- $1 or more per 100 grams. I thought, "I will just get processed slices" then I looked at my basket and thought- NO! I picked up regular cheese. I realize cheese still counts as processed, but at least I chose a lesser man-made version of an evil. I was happy with my decision and my basket looked uber healthy at checkout.

You may have read about my trip to the doctor and the praise I recieved from her! I am anxiously awaiting my blood work results. Hoping nothing is wrong, confident that nothing is wrong.

One of last week's goals was to do something for myself- I took a bubblebath and went shopping with a friend. I bought 2 tops- in size MEDIUM! Granted, they were flowy tops, but nonetheless Mediums!

This morning, I weighed in at 196.6 lbs. The 190s are going quickly! I am excited to be in the 180s soon (knock on wood).

This Week's Goals:
1) Track Calories and Exercise
2) Running Date with My Mister
3) Do at least 2 sessions on the Elliptical at home and 1 exercise video


  1. you're making such progress...heading towards the 180s already. Good for you buying newer smaller shirts. I love your enthusiasm, and success

  2. Good for you buying healthier food, wise choices pay off in the long run. Congratulations! Being able to buy medium size tops, that is fantastic! Keep up the great work.