Thursday, April 7, 2011

To Pay or Not to Pay

I'm in the midst of a difficult decision.

The 1 year contract with my gym is up. I am no longer under obligation to continue going and paying for a membership. I can tell them whenever I want to stop taking my money and go on my merry way.

Now, you would think that this would be a no-brainer. Working out and exercising is essential to losing weight. It is an essential step to meeting my goal. However, there is more to this... I've been trying to save money this year for a potential move across the country. If I ditch my membership I will save $51 per month. The drop-in fees at my gym are just unmanageable though- $15 per drop in. That isn't an option for me.

I have a number of things that I can use as an at home gym- elliptical, Wii Fit, Kettlebells, resistance bands, videos, and running outside. I'm just not sure if all that will give me the burn I need to lose the pounds. Or I may feel less motivated to workout if it is all at home exercise.  But, lately I have not been feeling the gym either. I'm going about once a week at this point and really feel like I am wasting money.

But, is it wasting my money if it gets me off the couch for one or two workouts a week? That is one or 2 workouts that my body needs. Those couple of hours are helping me get to my healthy self. I suppose I could just go more often to make the $51 a month seem more worthwhile, but lately I have been lacking motivation in the exercise department.

Do any of you ladies have a gym membership? For those of you who do not, what sort of equipment do you have at home to keep you going?

How does everyone stay motivated to keep exercising when you are feeling blah?


  1. I have a gym membership and its money well spent for me...right now. If I was in your position and it wasn't about do I want my gym membership but can I justify the expense of about trying one month going just a couple of times and trying out for size what home workouts might be like and then reassess again how much you need it.A silly little rule of thumb..if you make a decision to change things up when your weight loss is going brilliantly, its likely a fair decision but a bit of a red flag if change comes just as things are harder. Only you know where you're at
    You will get there whatever you decide x

  2. I have a membership to our local YMCA. I use it a lot! I do have a treadmill at home, so if I don't feel motivated to go, I can still workout at home. But, I really really REALLY enjoy the exercise classes they offer and the social aspect of them. I have developed friendships with a ton of people there. It's great to go in and say hi and have a conversation and encourage others and have a little competition (I keep it to myself, but I tend to up my intensity on occasions depending on who I'm with). People sometimes notice if I've been away, and I in turn notice when they are away, and talk about why. They can be supportive and motivators and inspirations. All these things keep me coming back and sometimes getting the health benefits from exercise is just a side note. To me, if I needed to save money up for something, I'd sacrifice in other areas than my membership. None of this may apply to you, but you did ask my opinion (lol). I think you'll be successful in whatever decision you make, though, so don't stress!

  3. I don't have a gym membership. I ride a recumbent exercise bike everyday. We also have Wii Fit Plus, but I just haven't been that much into using it. My husband got the EA Active 2 for the Wii and he is already on the 2nd program. He loves it and it really gives him a workout. Of course he is using the hardest program, but he started on the medium one. I tried the easy one, but I just didn't enjoy it.
    I have to really enjoy what I'm doing to stay motivated. And I like riding the bike. I'm looking forward to getting back to walking now that it is starting to get nicer.
    Best wishes whatever you decide.