Friday, June 24, 2011

Weigh-In #22

I am back from my vacation! Actually, I have been back for a couple of days already and have been trying to catch up on things around the house, at work, and on the internet.

I faced the scale on Thursday morning. I knew I gained, I could feel it. I did not eat as well as I had hoped while we traveled. I know a few reasons why- I will get into that in my next post- hopefully will do one tomorrow.

On to the weigh-in... it's not pretty.

Previous Weight: 198.2
Current Weight: 200.6
Gain: 2.4 lbs

I'm so mad at myself that I am seeing a 2 in front of those digits. It is my own fault and I can't blame anyone else for it. I'm hoping it's salt and water. I weighed in at 201.8 on Thursday, so that it already and drop of more than a pound.

I'm in serious need of an intervention here. It's like 196 is my new stopping point. 196 is my new 203 (old retreat point).

How do I get back on the wagon?


  1. Liz funny you should say 203 from before, I CANNOT get beyond 203 lbs. I have tried and tried and that's as far as it goes. You should fall back in pounds soon. Talk with you when I get back, take care.

  2. I had simular stopping points, and was able to move past them by stopping focusing on the scale as much and just put 100% of my energy into "the plan" (for me, it was WW with lots of exercise).

    You can do it, too!

    I had a 2.8 gain last week and I'm hoping that some of it was water, too... I'll find out tomorrow!

    And it sounds like you are already back on the wagon, you were just doing a bit of vacation eating. It happens to EVERYONE.

  3. I'm off on vacation too and know I cannot follow my plan while away, its not that I don't want to, I accept I cannot,
    I understand any gain isn't what you want to see, but the reasons behind this one is acceptable, and you're getting right back on there again.
    That weight will be gone very soon, keeping going with vacation lifestyle once home, now that would be a bigger problem and you have already dealt with it