Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Non Scale Victory

I attended a professional development workshop yesterday. I got to spend time with my co-workers and others who I don't get to talk to much or at all.

Around our 2pm break I stood up and sauntered around. A lady who I really respect whispered to me to come over to her. I thought she would ask me a question about some trouble I have been having with another co-worker on the weekends... but, she said... "so, how much weight have you lost?" I was totally shocked. I blurted out "oh, you can tell?" She said it was very noticeable. I told her I was down 22 lbs and we talked about what I had been doing. I mentioned that no one had really noticed or said anything.

She said she was unsure if she should say anything because it comes off as rude in a way. I totally understand, but it made me feel good to know that someone I don't know that well has noticed a change in my body, even if I can't really see it!

This gives me a little bit of renewed energy to keep at it! Thanks Michele for noticing and saying something!

On a side note, I biked to and from my workshop. On the way home this was a brewing...

I knew in my mind I would get caught in it.

I took a short route- over train tracks. Not overly fun!

About 8 blocks from home I got caught in the storm. It was my first experience in rain riding. It's difficult! The water is pouring down your face, cars are splashing you, riding through puddles.

When I got home I looked like this.

My clothes are still wet. Haha. It was kinda fun though!


  1. That's so great she noticed! For someone who was unsure if she should ask, she sure asked VERY bluntly lol!

  2. How great that she noticed! I understand about not saying anything, I do that, too! I don't want anyone to be offended by me asking if they've lost weight, ya know?

    She's right: You are looking GOOD!

  3. @ Leah - i'm the same way. for some reason we think it is offensive, but it makes that person feel great!

  4. I loved it the first few times people asked me if I'd lost weight..its soo encouraging. I just love the nice comments like..You're looking great, you've lost weight or you're looking smaller ( i liked that one!) but have found the very direct How much have you lost...a bit ...well personal and I'm grateful I can honestly answer..I don't know.
    I feel sure commenters are being kind and supportive and I always tell them I'm grateful for their comment....because I am

  5. Isn't it great when someone admires you enough to notice and comment!

  6. What a great feeling to have someone notice the results of all of your hard work! Congratulations! That is the kind of incentive that motivates you to keep working toward your goal.