Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekly Review

Hello All!

I want to start off with a big hug and kiss to all my new followers! I have reached 30 and I just can't believe that 30 people want to read about my life! I feel so loved! Especially after receiving 3 blog awards since I began this blog in January and then, this week, getting a wonderful "Shout-Out" from Leah and inspiring a post by Tim. It feels great to be connecting with all of you!

I've been thrown off my game a bit this week. My work schedule is almost non-existent since my office is renovating. All I am doing are workshops and training- this made for a slow week. But it is nice to have a little break every once in awhile. Can't say I am looking forward to getting back- I am actually looking for a new job instead.

I've been slowly getting back on track. I am nowhere near where I was in say, February or March. But the process continues and the losses keep coming. I'm happy about that. Eating is getting better and I'm trying to fit in more exercise.

Last Week's Goals: 
1) Track Everyday- No matter what I eat. Done! Here is a look at my week in review from my Iphone App LoseIt.

As you can see... I went a lil overboard a couple days. Friday = a party to watch the hockey game (mostly empty beer calories). Sunday = dinner with a friend. Monday = a chocolate bar over budget...

2) Limit eating out to healthy options or not at all
Like I said, I went to dinner with a friend. She chose Olive Garden... obviously not the greatest place for someone on a diet. I stayed away from the creamy, cheesy stuff and ordered a spaghetti and meatsauce. It was yum and only 710 calories- that's a lot for a meal, but not bad for a restaurant meal.

3) Exercise- done (with some modifications)
Instead of doing the elliptical 3x, I did it once and then went for 2 bikes rides of 12+K each. My elliptical is making some weird noises- super squeaky and banging a lot. It also needs some batteries for its' display. Must do this week.

Next Week's Goals
1) Track Everyday- no matter what! haha
2) Yoga 2x, Strength 2x, Elliptical 1x, Bike 1x
3) May be a lot of opportunity to eat out this week with all the workshops away from home- choose your dishes wisely!

Have a great week all!


  1. Good luck on the job hunt and on avoiding temptation during those workshops.

  2. Good job with the goals! I'm sure this week will be just as good!

  3. Tom sounds an interesting person, is that my twin brother?


    TIM :)


  4. @ Tim - forgive my typing! I have a netbook with a tiny keyboard. I'm always making mistakes on it. blasted sausage fingers!

  5. haha not a problem, i thought it was funny!

    It actually makes a change from being called Time! If I got a pound coin everytime someone wrote that, i'd be a millionnaire! :)