Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekly Review

Good evening. Or morning to most since I am writing this late and you won't see it until tomorrow at best!

I had another busy week- lots of work. Also, caught up on a little sleep and chats with good friends.I am satisfied with how I divided my time, although, exercise could use a bigger piece of my time.

My eating this week was not too bad at all. This weekend at work I was able to limit my intake of bad stuff. I didn't chow down on a lot of cheese, cakes, or other goodies. I brought my lunch half the time and was very satisfied with what I brought- vegan Indian stew that I made myself. Very yummy and filling. I went out a couple of times, but tracked all the calories.

I have just recently become infatuated with green smoothies! I plan to do a post on them this week!

I met my exercise goals this week- 2x on the elliptical and a running date with my Mr. Along with some biking, yoga, and my regular walking that I always do. I am starting to step it up a bit. Hopefully, I can do a little extra this coming week.

There was no weigh-in this week because Friday I was rushed and late, Saturday I was not home, and Sunday... no excuse really :( Sorry!

This week's goals:
1) A weigh-in this Friday with a loss!
2) Drink 64oz of water everyday
3) Exercise (home or gym) 4x this week

<3 you!


  1. Smoothies are my new thing, I have one every morning!

  2. I've read about these green smoothies...I look forward to reading what you think of them!

  3. A week or so ago on a morning news show in my area, they made green smoothies. The male anchor chugged his, saying how good it was. The famale anchor sipped hers, and I could see her try not to shudder on camera. So I look forward to reading what you think! lol!

  4. I too LOVE green smoothies (green monsters, I call them)!! Great goals for this week, looking forward to hearing (well, reading really) about how they go! :)

  5. Lots of people love those. I myself never "got" them.
    But yay for the people who do!