Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Home Gym

I've been struggling with whether or not to resign as a member of the paid gym. I'm leaning towards canceling the membership since I just can't motivate myself to go. I'm paying $50 a month for nothing really. I may go 2-3 a month at this point. Not justified.

I thought I would show you the reason I am contemplating canceling- my home gym.

Home gyms are so convenient. However, you need a variety of equipment to keep you interested. There is an initial investment in the larger items, but most of these things I have been collecting over a period of years.

Here we go...


Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown- $0 (won a blog giveaway Amazon Giftcard)
Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred- $0 (won a blog giveaway Amazon Giftcard)
Biggest Loser Cardio- $6
Kettlebell Solution- $0 (purchased with a giftcard at Christmas time)
Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease- $0. (got for Christmas)

Pilates Yoga Workout, came with 3 resistance bands and a ball- $14? I think. Bought this a few years ago.

 I keep the workout cards that various equipment comes with. I also read magazines like SHAPE or SELF and photocopy the workouts I like to keep and try later. - $0

Multicolor bands and small blue ball- came in the Pilates/Yoga workout set
3lbs Orange Dumbbells- $6
3lbs & 5lbs Kettlebells- came in the set with video & exercise card
Black and Red Resistance Band- $7 and came with an exercise card
Yoga Mat- $12
Yoga Block- $8

The Big Piece!
Elliptical- $120- on sale and purchased with a giftcard!

Don't forget my runners! I purchased them with a giftcard around Christmas time as well- I ended up paying about $9 for them! I use them for running and the elliptical.
I also have a bike that I use in the summer months! 

I think I will be okay with no gym membership. What do you think I should add to my home gym that I may be missing?


  1. Looks great! I may have to copy your style for a blog entry (give you credit, of course!). I say keep adding new things as you go along.

    I have a Nordic Track skier, a recumbant bike, a couple of dumbells, a Firm Wave, and several DVDs. I still really want: a treadmill.

  2. I'm looking to buy a home in the near future and I hope to use one of the spare rooms for my own gym! haha :) Great pictures!

  3. Just be sure to add to it every so often so you can get some variety! Buying a new workout dvd every month is way cheaper than the monthly gym membership. Otherwise do what works for you!

  4. I have a huge blow up ball that I do crunches on, lay back and lift weights, etc. I really like to have it to change things up from the bands and elliptical.

  5. As long as you actually use the workout videos, I think the home gym can actually help you get more exercise in than if you have to get to a gym. A lot depends on how well you can motivate and push yourself to higher levels.

    I am just starting with workout videos. I bought a couple of Biggest Loser videos on Amazon on Demand. So far, I can barely get through the warm-up! Hopefully, I will make it past that today!

  6. If you're spending $50 a month on something you're not enjoying or even doing then you might as well spend the money doing things you do enjoy doing.

    You seem to have a lot of equipment so why dont you use the money saved from the monthly gym fees as a reward instead. Knowing you're going to be getting a reward will motivate you to keep exercising at home. If you don't exercise, you get no reward!

    All the best,