Tuesday, May 17, 2011

(Very Late) Weekly Review

Don't Panic!! I'm okay! Really. I'm fine.

My weeks have been filled with too much lately that I hardly get a chance to check out everyone's blogs, let alone write a post for mine!

Too much work make Lizzy angry. I'm going on to a 10 day stretch with 2 doubles thrown in there for good measure. >:(

Plus! I am moving at the end of the month- that should make things even more timely! haha

Onto the review...

I have a confession. I have been eating out too much lately. Just too much. Not entirely terrible for me restaurants or food, just too much. I must stop.

Last Week's Goals
1) A loss- done! I lost 1.4 lbs last weigh in. Yeah! I hope to keep it  up.

2) Yoga 3-4x  - nope. I did yoga once this week. But, it was Jillian's Yoga Meltdown. I made it through Level 1 but my shoulders were sore the next day.

3) Run outside- I didn't run outside, but I did run on the treadmill, which was a NSV this week!

Non-Scale Victory of the Week
I decided to do 5K on the treadmill no matter what. I said to myself- it is okay if you have to walk a bit or take a break, just don't stop. I wanted to see what my time would be so that I can improve on it and maybe run a race in the future.

I ran most of it and ended up walking for 0.3 miles. I went slower so that I could finish the whole thing without getting too tired- I finished with a time of around 40 minutes. Not great, but now I know.

I was happy to just run. I kept thinking while I ran- "you could never have done this a year ago." It felt great to think about how much stronger I am. I can really feel it in my body. My legs are much more sturdy. My calves have definition. I can feel my waist just being smaller.

This Week's Goals
1) A Loss
2) Get 64oz of water for at least 5/7 days
3) Something active outside- because it is beautiful!

Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. How amazing that you were able to run a 5K on your treadmill! This inspires me to try and see if I can do that, too. I'm still only able to run for 5 minutes at a time, so probably will walk most of a 5K at this point.

    Great job!

  2. Awesome job on the loss and the run! That is seriously amazing!!

  3. Ok, YAY on the NSV, YAY on the loss, your goals are looking good and good luck for this week! Also, if you need a bit of cheering up from having to work so much, head over to my blog. I have a feeling you're going to be pleasantly surprised!

  4. Sorry to be dumb, but just how far is a 5K run?

  5. @Becky Baker Horn
    5K is 3.1 miles, I guess 5k just sounds better!