Friday, May 27, 2011

Weigh-In #18

Weight: 199.8
Body Fat %:  39.8
Hydration %: 43.9

Difference: +1.4 lbs from last week
                  +0.2% BF from last week

Isn't it funny how it takes awhile for pounds to accumulate and creep up on you? I knew I wasn't doing well with eating and exercising, but it wasn't really affecting the scale much- then once I finally decide to get back on track- BAM! Hello 1.4 lbs!

The thing is, I know the things that I'm doing wrong to gain. I am aware of them. Years ago, I may not have really understood so many calories and no exercise = pounds. I do now and that is a good thing!

See you on Sunday for the Review!

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