Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly Review

Ok. So, it's Monday. But it is also review time!

I have been pretty beat from this hot weather we have been having. It is getting between 35 or 40 C with the humidity. That's between 95 and 104 F. Bleh! So sweaty.

This week was mostly good for me and my plan. I had a couple off days. But generally I am happy with the way I turned it around this week. Eating was good- still needs work, but good.

Exercise lacked but it is also getting back there. I got out to run and did a lot of walking too.

I started a new job today and I am very excited and anxious about it. It is a lot of responsibility (the most I've ever had) and it is actually something I could see myself doing for awhile and actually enjoying it. I am pretty intimidated by it all though. I'm trying to be positive about it though.

Last Week's Goals
1) Loss- nope
2) Easing back into exercise- yep! And a 2K run to boot!
3) Tracking Calories- Check (5/7 days)

Next Week's Goals
1) Loss (please?)
2) Yoga 2x, run 1x, walks
3) Tracking calories and limiting intake to 1500-1600

Good Luck to me and all of you!


  1. Congrats on the job!! That is great!

    And good job getting out and running and walking in that heat! Whoa, good job!