Thursday, July 7, 2011

Small Grocery Haul

I love grocery shopping. I like to go to all different kinds of shops to purchase what I need. I frequent supermarkets, box stores, specialty grocers, organic markets, farms, and farmers markets. I like to scope out new products and good prices. So, it is no wonder that I really enjoy reading/watching grocery hauls on YouTube and on blogs I follow.

Here is a small haul from yesterday.

First, I went strawberry picking at a local U-Pick Farm. I got 4 Litres of berries. That's about a gallon. They are small and beautifully red. They are oh so sweet. I love fresh berries off the bush!

I went to a couple stores (Costco & Walmart) for these items:
20 small bags of Food Should Taste Good Chips- Multigrain and Sweet Potato
1 Orange
1 Apple
A can of Lemon Pepper Tuna
1 Cucumber
Three Grain Loaf- really dense bread
Mini Gnocchi

Then I scored at the local library. They were having an old book/magazine sale- I picked u 5 Cooking Light mags for 50 cents each.

My Mister and I play 2 games at the grocery store check out. 1) We set up all our items on the conveyor belt and decide if we look healthy or unhealthy. A lot of box food = unhealthy. Veggies/Fruits and fresh meats = healthy. 2) We both guesstimate how much the bill will be. Winner gets nothing but bragging rights. haha.

Do you like grocery shopping? Or do you have to make it fun? 


  1. mini gnocchi?? wow, i want that over here!

  2. Great haul.....awesome deal on the magazines!!!!!!

    I personally hate to grocery shop, so I try to go really late at night and put headphones in and listen to some music......that makes it much

  3. Great grocery haul! My husband and I went on Monday, and when we were going up to checkout, I looked into our cart and said, "wow, my doctor would be so happy to see what's in my cart!" I think the only processed items were cereal bars, the rest was fresh fruit, veggies, yogurt, and skim milk. Feels good huh!

  4. I love, love grocery shopping. I don't personally know any other foodies so everyone thinks I'm nuts! I bought the same chips/crackers at Costco. They're my fav!

  5. Those strawberries are gorgeous, they make my mouth water! I play the do I look healthy game too, ha ha. However, with two teenage sons who like their junk food, my cart always looks like I have a split personality. Healthy stuff for my husband and I and processed junk for my sons.