Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm Bringing Running Back. Yeah!

I haven't gone out for a run in a long time. I was running regularly before I canceled my gym membership and moved in with Mister. Of course, I have been super busy watching all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother... but still. I have not made time for running.

I planned it all out last night. I laid out my work out clothes and set the alarm for 7am....

That's the sound my phone makes- not overly intrusive.

So, I rolled out of bed. Drank a glass of water. Got dressed and headed out to the road.

I figured I would be super out of shape. I expected to run a block or 2 then walk a block and continue this way for my anticipated route.

Well... good news! I ran my whole route! I shocked myself. Granted, it was only 2K. But I haven't run in about 2 months. I was so proud of myself.

Here is my route.

Hopefully, this week is the boost I need to get back on track. So far the week is going splendidly! I'll update you on Sunday as usual!

Have a wonderful hump day!

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