Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Weekly review

Hello hello! I am back again for the review. I've been trying to use my Iphone Blogpress app, but it keeps telling me it can't publish! Makes me so mad!

Last week I went a little out of sorts and didn't set any goals an didn't talk about previous goals. So let's get back into it!

Last week went as well as any week has lately I suppose.

It was Canada Day on Friday, but I elected to stay in as I went out the night before and had a few drinks. I usually limit myself to one night every other week to have some drinks with friends and choose low cal options.

I hoped back on the elliptical this week. I did 30 minutes on Friday and worked up a sweat. I'm hoping I can keep it up.

On Saturday I hit the beach for the first time in over a year. I tried on my swimsuit the night before to see how it fit. The top is kind of baggy in the mid-section, but other than that it fits fine and I feel a lot better in a suit now than a couple years ago. We didn't swim- just laid out and tanned. I'm the only one who didn't get an awful burn. Silly girls.

Here's a bad pic of me tanning!

The part I'm the most insecure about in a suit are my legs. They are ghostly white and my upper thighs are just all around big and a bit dimply. I am getting more comfortable in shorts, but booty shorts in public are something else. Just something I need to work on- confidence and cardio! I've been thinking of tanning in a booth, but I am just not sure. I feel like it is such a waste of time for me. Getting ready, driving to the salon, changing, putting lotion on... all to lay in the bed for 2 minutes and then go home.

Anyway, I noticed something on the beach. No one has a totally perfect body. Even the skinniest girls have some cellulite- I checked! Some people just carry themselves with more self esteem than others and it really shows. Some women are my size and in bikinis- more power to them!

But I was feeling pretty good at the end of the day! Must have been all the Vitamin D.

Anyway, let's set some realistic goals for this week. It will boost my self esteem.

1) a loss on the scale
2) various exercise 3x this week
3) meals made at home

 Do any of you tan in a tanning bed? Would you reccommend it to me?


  1. What blogging app do you use on your iphone?

    I dont think i've ever been topless on a beach before but like you said, I look around and see other men, usually bigger than me, with their tops off and they dont seem to mind. Hopefully one day i'll have the confidence to not care what anyone else thinks!

    I've never been in a tanning bed before, i've heard too many scary stories about cancer and stuff for me to ever want to go near one! Aren't there lots of tanning cream's out there these days which are healthier for the skin?

  2. Try Jergen's Self Tanning Lotion, it will get you started with a tan while you lay out to get one. I am a Southern Sun-worshiper, I am out in it fat, thin, whatever...I am in the pool and the sun. I am having problems with my posts showing up on my blog. Hope to fix that soon. Glad to read you are back in Onederland Sister!

  3. What I've noticed about being on the beach (I live in Florida so it's year round) is that no one has a perfect body outside of photoshopped magazine ones.
    I think we're more self-conscious than other people realize what we're focusing on! I think the fact you are working out will do wonders for your overall toning and appearance!