Friday, October 19, 2012

Things I Like About Me Challenge

This is a very difficult task, and I bet it will be for all the Challenge participants.

1. I'm generous, sometimes to a fault.
2. I'm genuine.
3. I'm a good cook.
4. I support my friends any way I can.
5. I'm good at sports.
6. I have nice eyes- probably one of my best features.
7. I'm adventurous.
8. I'm not afraid to travel alone.
9. I'm super easy to talk to.
10. I'm at a good space in my life- career-wise.

I'm feeling pretty good this week. I decided to go the gym a lot this week. I've gone for the past 4 days now. Working out for between 30mins and 1 hour each day pretty vigorously. Also, been eating well and drinking all my water in the past 4 days!

I'm hoping I'm on this good track to stay. I'm going to try really hard.

I've made myself a goal to lose 15 lbs by the end of November. I started this Monday and my start weight for that goal is 219lbs. I think it is a lofty goal, at around 2 lbs/week to lose.

There is only 2 weeks left in the Fabulous Fit & Fall Challenge. I didn't commit as much as I would like to have. But I'm getting there. There is no way I will win, but I got to meet a few new bloggers with fun blogs to read.

Do you have a current, short-term goal?

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  1. Don't sell yourself short!! It doesn't matter when you committed to yourself, or whether or not you will's about making the change and finding people in your life or online that will support you. I think you're doing wonderfully!