Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Review

Here I am! Our Canadian Holiday is winding down and so am I. Time to get back into the routine of weekday life and blogging!

This past week has been good in my opinion. It feels like my new habits are becoming permanent changes. I don't think twice about going to the gym- I just know that I have to go and I do. My food is still a little loose on some days, so I need to keep track of it a little better. But, I am happy to report that I worked 3 days this long weekend and didn't eat loads of bad stuff from the work kitchen! I was please with the decisions I made about meals and snacks at work. I owe it all to the Cook who ordered loads of fresh fruit and hummus!

I worked hard on trying to get a lot of water into my system and tracking it- I even downloaded an app to help me out with this. I didn't always get 64oz, but I am working on it. This is a goal that I need to stick with because we all know how important water is to weight loss. 

As for exercise this week, I finished Couch to 5K Week 7 which is running for 25 minutes straight with a brisk walk to warm up and cool down. Installment 7.1 was difficult- I won't lie. I just wanted it to be over. I think I took two 30 second breaks and went between speeds 4.3 and 4.7- not very fast. The second installment was much much better! I went between 4.7 and 5.0 and didn't stop at all! I was so amazed with myself. I think the difference that time was that I covered up the time so I didn't know how far along I was. The last installment was between 4.6 and 5.0 and I breaked once for 30 seconds.  I also did 2 strength training sessions this week with the machines. I am starting to enjoy it and think it will really benefit me in the long run.

In a leap of faith this week, I sat myself down at the rowing machines. The rowers at my gym are very low tech- no TVs, no water bottle holders, all man power except a tiny black & white screen that displays a few different settings. The settings include the "fishing game". I am a little fish- I must eat littler fish and not get eaten by bigger fish. You row to move the fish up and down the screen. It sounds simple enough, but it is super fun and challenging. It is a complete body workout- abs, legs, arms, and back. Ten minutes of rowing at a moderate pace burns about 120 calories for me. I love it and I encourage everyone to try the rowing machines at their local gym or at least one machine that they have not yet tried and may intimidate them just a smidgen.

Does you eating right and exercising routine rub off on anyone in your family or circle of friends? Mine has rubbed off on my Mister. He has begun to eat less processed food, more fiber and fruits and veggies. I was shocked when he said he needed to go "healthy food" shopping and even more surprised when he said he loved all the healthy stuff he bought. He is a Larabar convert and is loving green juice!

As for the vitamin challenge, I WON! I took my vitamins religiously everyday last week. How did you do?

This week- my focus is on food. Must eat more fruits and veg and less peanut butter. Water is still a high priority and not eating out, but making my own healthy meals at home.

Since I am down 11 lbs, I have a choice to make...


or These?


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  1. Hey you sound to be doing brilliantly with the exercise goals.
    I ( from the UK) have never ever seen anything like those snow shoes - they look serious! When you said snow shoes I thought you meant some kind of furry warm boot. We don't have proper snow in UK!
    You did well on the vitamin challenge too! Well done