Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review

I've decided that I am going to try to do a weekly review on Sundays. It will include things like how my eating habits were, if I stuck to my exercise plan, general feelings about my lifestyle change, etc. Here goes...

I set a challenge for myself and the deadline was last Monday. I did not reach it and I really thought that I would. I was 0.4lbs short, however, I feel like I did make my goal because I am weighing in significantly lower than the goal that I set for myself. I thought of setting another goal in order to justify the snowshoes, but really didn't want to fail again- so I still don't have any snowshoes.

It is probably a good thing that I didn't set a goal this week though. I had a semi-rough week. I was going through some relationship/friend issues where I just felt really helpless in the situation. This situation affected me by not exercising as much as I should have. Out of 7 days, I skipped out on about 3 days of exercise and one day was pretty light (only 30 minutes on the Elliptical).

I finished Week 5 of Couch to 5K. Week 5.3 entails running for 20 minutes straight! Wow, this was really intimidating for me. I ended up doing it though! I took one 10 second break and another 30 second break. I think that is pretty great though. Week 6 will seem like a breeze. I hope to get back into my regular workout routine this week. 

I am ecstatic to report that NO emotional eating went on in this tumultuous week. That is a definite personal victory for me! Feeling low on Friday, I walked into the grocery store- I went straight to the fruits and veggies and fresh meats. Going to the chip aisle or the frozen pizza section didn't even cross my mind. When I left, I realized what had happened and it made me feel really good. Then I went home and made the sensible pseudo-burger meal that I posted on Friday night.

Otherwise, my eating was pretty good for the week. I did end up getting a giant gourmet hot dog, but only ate half of it and saved the rest. So far, eating at work this weekend has been okay (but I still have a day to go). I also had a few alcoholic beverages this week. In total, I had 5 vodkas- I drink it straight with ice and a lemon (less calories that way).

All in all, I feel like this week was a little break from my "diet". But only a little break since I didn't go full out and eat fast food or sit around for 7 days. I think breaks are good though, especially if you have been working your body the way I have been working mine. On Friday and Saturday I was weighing in at 206-207lbs. I'm happy with those numbers! Maybe a break will have done my body some good.

I may change my weigh-in date to Fridays. I have to think about it. I will be weighing in tomorrow no doubt and hopefully be able to do my measurements as well.

I'll keep you posted on my new challenge if I decide to do one. If I decide on one, I will post it tonight after I get home from work or tomorrow morning with the weigh in numbers.

Have a great week everyone.

"Keep Fit & Have Fun!"

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