Monday, January 31, 2011

Weigh-In #3

Weight: 210.8
Body Fat %: 41.3
Hydration %: 42.8
Bone Density: 7

Difference: -2.6 lbs from last week
                 -0.1 % Body Fat from last week
                 -7.6 lbs from December 1, 2010

I don't think I mentioned, but I started losing weight December 1st, 2010. My official start weight is 218.4.

So, as you can see... I did not make my goal of losing 3-4lbs in the past week. For some reason I always weigh more on Mondays. I think it is because after a weekend of working I get tempted by all the treats in the work kitchen and give in. I must admit that I had a few Nanaimo Bars this weekend. They are a Canadian thing and are sooooo yummy.

However, over the weekend, I was consistently weighing in at 208.something. What do you think? Should I buy the snowshoes? Should I weigh in tomorrow and see if I drop again?


  1. You will get there - whether today or another day, you will get there and you will get the snowshoes.
    Why don't you weigh in again later in the week and then move your weigh in day to that day allowing yourself time and added motivation to weigh in away from a Monday?
    Well done - you're doing great

  2. Canadians always have great food.
    They want everyone to move there, is why.
    It might just work!
    But then, we would all need the snow shoes!
    I wonder - did you decide to get them?