Monday, January 24, 2011

Weigh-In #2

Weigh-In #2

Weight: 213.4
Bodfy Fat %: 41.4
Hydration %: 42.4
Bone Density: 7

Difference: -1 lbs
                 -0.1 % Body Fat

Well, it looks like a loss of 1 lbs. It is better than nothing. However, I was weighing in at significantly less all weekend, so who knows what is right. Also, this week is placebo week- you know what that means ladies! I am getting my period and will be carrying a little extra weight this week, so that could add to the "gain".

Anyway, I talked about the Snowshoe Challenge yesterday. So, if I can get to between 210.4 and 209.4 by next Monday, then I get to buy myself some snowshoes!

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