Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On the Long Journey Home

This is a blog about one woman's journey.  It is about her trek from thick to thin, from emotional eater to sensible nosher, from sedentary to sensational. It's a blog about so many things, but mostly it is about the same journey that so many women struggle with throughout the world.
Yoyo diets. Points. Crash diets. Starvation. Eating disorders. Calorie counting. What we do to look good. Obsessing over food. Obsessing about our weight! We've all been through it, and for me- it has never worked in the long-term.

I decided to start a weight loss blog in order to hold myself publicly accountable for my own plan.  I'm also writing to motivate myself and keep me on track. Hopefully, at some point, my journey (along with my struggles and triumphs) will motivate others in their journey to a healthier self. 

In the future of this blog, you can expect to see weigh-ins, recipes, food and exercise plans, as well as daily happenings and feelings, among so many other things!

Next post = official starting weight weigh-in

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