Saturday, September 17, 2011

Farm Trip

There is a program at my office whose mandate is to provide people in the inner city with low cost, local, organic vegetables. How can that be? Low cost and Organic- those words don't usually go together!

Well, the program organizes farm trips every Friday and you basically work for food. People get paid in "sweat points" which are like money and you can use them for our market, community dinners, or boxes of produce in the winter.

I am a member of the program, so I went out on Friday to the farm. We helped the farmers harvest beets, carrots and pumpkins. The group is also provided with a healthy lunch and some veggies and free run eggs to take home. It is an amazing program that helps promote food security and teaches people where their food comes from. It also supports eating local and supporting organic farmers.

This program is amazing! Here are some pictures from my visit. Hauling pumpkins was a workout and I could feel it in my muscles in the evening!

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  1. I've never seen pumpkins so big before. Over here in the UK they are at most the size of a football.