Monday, August 1, 2011

Weekly Review

Today was a Canadian holiday- so today is the end of my week.

It is still hot here and very humid. My apartment is so hot that it makes me sweat just walking around. I have no A/C and only 1 fan.

I am happy to report that this week I managed to do something physical everyday. Whether it was walking, biking, or something totally new- like kayaking. I did something everyday even in the heat.

I managed to get out and do a couple of totally different things this week. One thing was kayaking, which I already talked about. The other was tennis! I have never played before and was a little discouraged because of all the running around. But, there is a court near my home. So, we got some raquets and headed out.

We were terrible! Haha. But, we had fun and it was a great workout in the sun. I hope to go again soon- maybe when the sun goes down :)

Eating was pretty good this week with the exception of Wednesday. I binged on gummie bears and BBQ almonds. No, it wasn't worth it and I had to see the red OVER symbol on my calorie counting app.

Last Week's Goals
1) Get on Elliptical- :( I looked at it... but did not use her.
2) Yoga 1x (yep), Strength 2x (yep), Run 1x (not this week)
3) Track- yep! Only once did I go over 1600 this week

Next Week's Goals
1) A Loss on the scale
2) Yoga 1x, Strength 2x, Run 1x
3) Get on the elliptical at least once

Have a great week everyone!


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  2. Great job, Lizzy! I especially love that you moved every day, how inspiring.

  3. Great job moving THAT much in all that heat....well done to you!

  4. Oh man those almonds always look like such a good idea and then I end up eating soooo many! But your goals are great and you can definitely meet them! Sounds like you are having fun with being active so that is awesome!