Tuesday, August 28, 2012

In a low...

The past week has found me feeling very low and somewhat depressed. I think a big part of that feeling is how I let myself slip all the way back to where I was. Back to the 200s. I wasn't happy then and the food didn't make me happy either.

I'm feeling just... bleck! about myself. My clothes aren't fitting properly or I can't wear my newer clothes. I'm feeling self-concious when I go out or go to the gym.

I've been trying to pull myself out of this and get motivated, but I just haven't been able to.


On the brighter side, I have been keeping up with my routine of gym 2x per week, walking to work 3x per week. My calories have been pretty good on at least 80% of days. I make lunches to take to work and haven't been eating out that often.

I went kayaking last week and plan to go again this week. We go for an hour and it takes quite a bit of core strength to steer and paddle. It is super fun and I suggest you try it out if you have access!

How do you beat a low mood?


  1. Staying busy seems to help a bit. Now that I'm back in school, the days go by so quickly and I have less time to think about why i'm so sad and pathetic.

  2. I was just thinking about you today since I noticed you hadn't posted in a while. Don't worry, you'll pull through this slump. Unfortunately life is a big roller coaster, but if it didn't have its downs we wouldn't be able to appreciated the ups as much. You've been here before and you have all the tools needed to get back into shape. Keep your head up. When I get down, music is my savior (other than God, but I'm not into preaching so I won't go there). Find some songs that speak to you. Whether you need something slow and somber or fast and pissed off, there's something out there to help pull you through. And you always have blogging! You'll get through this!! *hugs*

  3. Being low motivated is something I know all about and I'm trying to come back to it. Make sure you're doing things that excite you as well, not just exercise per say. I mean going cycling with friends, dance classes...anything that makes you look forward as well as being healthy :D